When building heights matter

Arenaflex is your perfect floor system

Arenaflex Elevation Stadium

Performance Flooring for Uneven Subfloors

Arenaflex Elevation Stadium uses a cradle and batten system, which can be adjusted anywhere from 75mm  (2.95″) to 145mm (5.70″), all across the same floor – so if the subfloor is 1″ lower in one corner, but 1″ higher in another corner, this system allows for the remediation of those height discrepancies without compromising performance, and without having the looming unknown cost of a change order for cement based self leveling systems.  When renovating spaces or older gym floors where there is a slab depression, or the exact thickness of the floor is not known, Arenaflex Elevation allows the specification of a product from the start that can work around most scenarios.

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