Decoflex™ D 10

Indoor + Outdoor Sports Flooring

Decoflex™ D 10 is a prefabricated rubber sports flooring system specifically engineered for all weather sports applications.  It is a true multipurpose sports surface, ideals for schools, clubs, colleges, universities, and public facilities.

By Incorporating a resilient recycled rubber base mat, Decoflex™ can be supplied in various thicknesses and be optimized for just about any indoor or outdoor sports requirement.  The top surface is made of a highly durable, colored synthetic EPDM rubber which ensures optimum play-ability.  Decoflex™ is versatile, looks great, wears extremely well and is very low maintenance.  It exhibits excellent functional characteristics of slide control, slip resistance, rebound and safety.

Decoflex™ is ideally suited for all-weather sports applications such as street courts, tennis, basketball, multi-purpose recreational grounds, and Decoflex™ has even been used around football / soccer fields as a protective safe surround.

10mm x 1.25m (4′ width) x length required


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