For Acoustic and Sprung Floor Applications

Freedom Step Subfloor Panels serve a wide variety of applications where the absorption of impact and sound isolation are required.  Freedom Step Subfloor Panels and Freedom Step Pro Subfloor Panels are an engineered floating floor system that allows multi-use buildings to function by mitigating structure borne sound transfer.  Floor impact isolation is required for applications such as “free weight dropping” and “treadmill noise” in health clubs, and also “heavy floor impact” for activities such as “dance studios”, “martial arts”, or “aerobics class”.


Acoustic Performance is measured in an ASTM recognized testing method for IIC (Impact Isolation Class Class).  The improvement is reported as Delta IIC.  Lab tested on a 6” concrete slab the Freedom Step System has the following Acoustic Performance:

Freedom Step Subfloor Panels – 1-5/8” overall thickness – Delta 35 Improvement

Freedom Step Pro Subfloor Panels – 2-5/8” overall thickness – Delta 44 Improvement with significant low frequency benefits




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