Forging a Performance Floor

Both Strong and Beautiful

Our Virgin Rubber Fitness Surface

The Original Thor Victory Tile is Made in America, and helps your design make a statement! 


Featuring a rich, virgin rubber construction, and vulcanized for enhanced durability – the Original Thor Victory Tile allows bright colors to be present throughout any space, all while delivering the optimal surface for high use areas. 


Health Clubs, Ice Rinks, Recreation Centers, Locker Rooms, Ski Resorts, and Physical Therapy Offices are just some of the areas where the Original Thor Victory Tile can be utilized to deliver unique designs and exceed performance requirements.


When the floor cannot be adhered, The Original Thor Victory Tile is also available in Thunderlock, an interlocking tile system.  The 24″ x 24″ x 9.5mm format provides flexibility for both the end-user, designer, and installer – making for easy design modifications, simple layouts, and stress-free repairs should they be needed at any point.

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