Outdoor Multipurpose Performance Surfacing

Thor Mod EXT

Our Outdoor Modular Performance Floor

Thor Mod EXT is a fit for any multipurpose or outdoor multi-sport venue that requires a high functioning surface – Our tiles are not affected by moisture, and are fully floating, which make them perfect for a quick and easy outdoor project.  With friction and ball bounce similar to that of a hardwood court, at a fraction of the cost, Thor Mod EXT is a budget friendly option – also allowing anyone looking into an outdoor court, the ability to upgrade from concrete or asphalt, to a full color, high performance surface.

Basic Specifications:

10″ x 10″ x 3/4″

Design Features:

Available in 17 different colors – featuring a perforated grid design to allow for high grip in all weather conditions.

Thor Mod EXT Pickleball is only available in Navy Blue, Light Blue, Royal Blue, Olive Green, Slate Green, Emerald Green, Bright Red, Burgundy, Black, Graphite, Titanium, White, Yellow, and Orange.

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